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Looking to enhance and protect your investment?

At Valex we offer a range of professional detailing treatments for your vehicle using some of the highest quality products, latest tools and methods the industry has to offer.

Our services range from safe washing, contaminate removal and general maintenance to full paintwork enhancement, correction and long-lasting protection options for both interior and exterior components. We offer our customers the chance to receive true vehicle care with extreme attention to detail.

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Luxury PH Safe Wash

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    A luxury maintenance wash using pH neutral products.

    Snow foam, degreaser, wheel cleaner, soft tools and brushes and a light jet of water are used to rinse and prep the vehicle.

    Plush wash mitt’s and the two-bucket method are used to clean upper and lower surfaces.

    Ultra-plush microfiber towels are used to dry the vehicle.

    Includes a durable spray sealant (Glass, paint, trim) for 4 – 8 months protection.

Price from £30
Time from 1.5 hours

Maintenance Detail

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    A detailed vehicle maintenance

    Return your vehicle back to a detailed condition after a period of use.

    Luxury pH safe wash followed by a thorough interior cleaning using steam, hoover, interior cleaner, soft cloths and brushes.

    Regularly maintaining your protected vehicle will keep surfaces fresh and ensure maximum durability of protective coatings.

    Includes a durable spray sealant (Glass, paint, trim) for 4 – 8 months protection.

Price from £60
Time from 2.5 hours

Contaminate Removal

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    Removal of bonded contaminates from surfaces.

    Contaminates such as Tar and fallout collect over time and bond to vehicle surfaces, this can have a damaging effect to the appearance. Because of the bond they cannot be safely removed during a normal wash process.

    We use chemicals to dissolve the particles and break the bond between surface and contaminate.

    A clay bar is then used to safely remove contaminates.

Price On Application
Time TBC

Paintwork Enhancement

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    Using the Rupes machine polishers and a single-stage polishing method (refinement) to remove fine swirls, scratches and imperfections from the paintwork surface.

    These are often caused by poor washing & drying methods.

    Enhancing the paintwork will restore the clarity and high levels of gloss.

    Carnauba hard wax included (4-6 months)

Price from £240
Time from 1 day

Two Stage Minor Correction

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    Minor correction

    Using the Rupes polishers and a two-stage polishing method, (cutting and refinement) to remove larger swirls, scratches and tougher defects from more tired looking paintwork surfaces.

    A two-stage correction will restore the paintwork clarity and gloss.

    Carnauba wax included (4-6 months)

Price from £420
Time from 2 days

Multiple Stage Correction

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    Using the Rupes polishers and a multiple-stage polishing method (cutting and multiple refinement) to remove or dull down heavy defects, deep swirling, scratches, oxidisation, etc from badly damaged or tired looking clear coat.

    Multiple stage polishing can restore up to 80% + of paintwork clarity and gloss.

    (Assessment Required)

Price from £550
Time from 3 days

Upgrades & Additions

See below our upgrades and additions. Choose from the options, customise and create a package that suits your vehicle’s needs.

  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Swissvax Waxing
  • Leather Protection
  • Fabric Protection
  • Glass Protection
  • Engine Clean
  • Steam Cleaning

Swissvax Waxing

Steam Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

Fabric Protection

Glass Protection

Leather Protection

Ceramic Coating

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