Professional Mobile Valeting Packages

Looking to have your vehicle professionally valeted or protected?

At Valex we offer a range of valeting services straight to your location. The packages we have created below are based on general vehicle needs but they can be customised any way you like allowing you to create your own bespoke valet suited to your specific vehicle’s needs.

Our product base for valeting comes from the Auto Glym professional range with a few added extras from G-techniq, Car Pro, Bilt Hamber and Auto Finesse to ensure correct bonding of protection and a flawless finish.

See our packages below for more information or get in touch for a free quotation.

Our Car Valeting Services

Select from our car valeting prices / services below or get in touch for a bespoke package.


from £55
2 – 4 hours

A luxury maintenance for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Helping to keep your vehicle in immaculate condition between treatments.

  • Wheels, arches cleaned and de-greased
  • Snow foam application
  • Two-bucket wash method with plush wash mitts
  • Liquid carnauba wax applied to paintwork
  • All surfaces dried with plush microfiber towels
  • Interior surfaces hoovered, lightly dusted and wiped clean
  • Glass cleaned
  • Tyres dressed


from £120
4 – 6 hours

A professional full valet service for vehicles that require a more thorough maintenance or a general thorough cleaning. An ideal regular maintenance for vehicles that cover lots of motorway miles etc.

  • Maintenance valet (minus wax) +
  • Tar spots, sap etc safely removed
  • Paintwork is hand polished (removing light imperfections)
  • Plastics/trim protected (including wheel arch plastics)
  • Exhaust metal polished
  • Glass polished in & out
  • Fabric seats, floor mats and carpet steam cleaned
  • Leather cleaned


from £210
6 – 8 hours

A premier deep cleaning and HD wax protection. An ideal entry level protection, suitable for any vehicle.

  • Executive valet +
  • Chemical and clay bar decontamination (prior to hand polish)
  • Pre-cleaner & HD wax applied to painted surfaces
  • Wheel faces wax protected


from £280
8 – 10 hours

An ultimate deep cleaning and protection (Glass, wheels, paintwork, leather, engine plastics). The ideal protection suitable for any vehicle.

  • Premier valet +
  • leather protected
  • Fabric stains removed
  • Steam cleaned or wet vacuumed
  • Engine bay cleaned & protect
  • High gloss Durable sealant applied to painted surfaces
  • Front and rear glass protected

Upgrades & Additions

Add any service to your valeting package to create something suited to your specific vehicle’s needs. We can add contaminate removal, hard waxing, steam cleaning and wet vacuuming, fabric or leather protection, engine bay cleaning and more.

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